Economy has turned the corner, says PM


ISLAMABAD: Saturday Prime Minister Imran Khan invited his team to turn the economy around in one year, showing significantly increasing FDI, exports, and cash transfers, in addition to an extreme decline in CAD.

The Prime Minister has shared data on a series of tweets showing that FDI growth was 111.5% and private foreign investment by 194% over one year.

At a low of 41 months in September, the current account deficit was recorded at between 1,27 billion dollars and 259 million dollars.

There was a 5.9 percent increase in exports and 18.6 decreases in imports over the year.

Pakistan had the highest current account and fiscal deficit when the PTI administration took office. He said.

The 2018 current account and fiscal deficits, the largest ever in Pakistan, are $18.25 billion and PKR 2.26 trillion, respectively.

Similarly, the Pakistanis from overseas sent much more money, as indicators showed a 17.6% rise in payments during September of this year, with confidence in the economic policies of the state.


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