Irfan Khan Dies Aged 53


About Irfan Khan Death

Irfan Khan is also one of the leading stares of Bollywood. Those who achieved great success despite having nothing but their art. He is about 53 years old. On Tuesday, he was taken to a famous hospital in India due to a major medical problem. He was kept in the intensive care unit of the hospital, and a message was released this Wednesday morning stating that Irfan Khan Dead.

I was very sorry to read the statement in which the news of his death. Irfan Khan is a very brave man with his illness. Despite being a very good actor in Bollywood, he is known for his accent and his style. He is a very sincere and loving man. He has a large following around the world and everyone has expressed their grief. People said that his death was a great loss. Today the world has passed away from a very good man. May their souls rest in peace.


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