Mehndi designs for EID 2020


Mehndi designs for EID 2020 are more prominent all over the world which is trademark is in Pakistan, where the most are used and celebrated in Pakistan and never this custom is forgotten to use in the marriages and EID festival in Pakistan. While much new design has been delivered in Pakistan, which is used by the women, but those designs did not get enough popularity in Pakistan but now with the passage of time it will come at the peak level soon. One of the Arabian styles is being shown at Pakistan who did not get any benefit still now, but Pakistani women are getting aware of those designs slowly.

Mehndi designs for EID, are now available while some more design is used mostly in Pakistan is the short, little, and lively style is taking place in Pakistan which make the hands very beautiful and now the girls are using it more in the wedding ceremonies. These small, thin layers are not straightforward to make it’s great fun in which smart skills and efforts are involved otherwise the girls are using brides.

This trend is used mostly in the eastern and western side, which is used in India, and Bangladesh which makes them very gorgeous in looking, and now in those days the Mehndi is used as a tattoo and abstract images as well. This trend is used only in Asia. Mehndi is also used on the hands, legs and on the half arm as well.

How to Apply Mehndi Designee 

we tell you how to apply Mehndi designs. First, you wash hands properly with soap. Draw a ruff sketch lead pencil, and then apply Mehndi on sketch slowly. When you complete the designs then weight for 20to 30 mint. After weight, you again wash hands and look at the beautiful designs of Mehndi on your hand.


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