Top 10 Men Kurta Designs


We often get questions from students and others on the subject of the top 10 men’s kurta designs. Since we find it can be a little confusing to think about what the person wearing it is looking like. Here is a little insight into that matter.

Top 10 Men Kurta Designs

The term ‘kurta’ means cloth, and that is what the traditional saree is – a simple piece of cloth that hangs from the body to protect the clothing from abrasion. It is a trendy design among Indian women and is considered one of the three must-haves in the south Indian lifestyle. Traditionally, the kurta has been made out of cotton and is a long style cloak that has a ‘Girard’ of black or dark blue material down the middle. This material is the ‘kurta-pyjama’, which has been used for many years in India as a standard textile for both the local area and the ethnic style.
The two terms we will use here to discuss will be ‘kurta-pyjama’. The meaning of the two words are interchangeable, and there is no reason why you cannot call them the same thing. So we have a term for a traditional area called the ‘kurta’, and we can also use the word ‘pyjama’ to refer to the distinctive type of cloth worn by the women in the South Indian fashion world. Therefore if we want to talk about the top 10 men’s kurta designs, then we will need to mention them both.

They say that cotton is the most popular fabric for the entire saree range in India, though hemp is also the right choice. The cloth is expensive, though, and it is known that the top designers are not too keen on wearing it. Therefore we can count silk as one of the other fabrics that have been used for the design, although this one tends to be a little more costly. In any case, the cost of buying a designer kurta remains very high, so silk or hemp tend to be much less expensive alternatives.
Those of you who already own a share may be happy to know that the fabric that you already have is going to continue to look good. You do not need to spend time trying to get your own kurta pyjama into shape for it to look still great and still protect your skin and clothes. It is only when you are considering the purchase of a new kurta that you need to get your share in good condition before you buy it.
Although it may be a bit more complicated, we can still make some reasonable assumptions on what the colour of the kurta should be. The traditional three colours are dark blue with some dark red touches. Still, in today’s contemporary fashion world, it is tough to get any predominantly dark colour, so you may have to settle for something slightly lighter. If you have had the colour brown for your kurta before, this may also work, though remember that natural variations in your natural skin tone may mean that the colour of your kurta may be slightly different in colour from the traditional brown colour.

Another factor that you might want to consider when buying a saree is whether you would prefer a henna pattern or just the traditional three colours. If you have had the conventional sarees and want something more modern, then you will want to buy a simple design, without any intricate patterns. If you have recently got henna tattoos on your arms or legs, then you will probably want a design that has those intricate designs as well, because they will not show through your traditional saree. That said, if you have had your traditional sarees for many years, you may still want to choose a kurta design that includes those traditional designs.
It is just important to remember that you are designing a garment that is meant to be a statement of your own unique style, and that you need to find a style that suits you and your outfit. We hope that this article has helped you to explore the top 10 men’s kurta designs and the different styles available in each style.


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